Hello world car missile balloon

Few years ago, i did see the funny
picture of some crazy guy having 3 balloons shapes as missile chasing his car.

I show this to many of my friends, af our lives continued.

Now couple of years later, i stumble on this picture again, and found so many
comments on where to buy it……..in the mean time i have got many sources for
fabrications in China.

So i will start a production for this product. 1 time only

The factory demand Mold fee for making the shape, and color. and a minimum order
for 20.000 pcs. to keep the cost down. So. to make this come true, i need to
have preorders to cover the basic costs for Mold.

If everything goes well, we shoudl be able to ship these balloons out before
Christmas. 2010.

Prices will be like this.

1-5 20$
5-10 18$
10-25 15$
25-50 13$
50-100 11$
100-500 9$
500 + 5$

Shipping cost for 1-50 pcs will be 5$

To preorder, need to pay to my paypal account. donis5@msn.com and inform in the
comments field how many balloon, include your shipping adress aswell,

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